About Us

We’ve moved!

We are now located at Summerbridge Community Primary School, Main Street, Summerbridge, HG3 4JN. You can reach us on 07875 283 281 or 01423 780446

Dacre Banks Pre-School Playgroup was created over 30 years ago, by local mums who wanted a safe and fun place for their children to play. The playgroup, sited at Dacre and Hartwith Village Hall, rapidly grew in numbers and, in 1998, was registered as a charity (registered charity no. 1070061). It is now run by a committee of elected parents. We are blessed with committed staff members who welcome each child as an individual, and ensure that they have a happy, warm and stimulating environment in which to play, learn and develop essential social skills.

We now have a second site situated in Darley Community Primary school. Same hours and prices. For more info you can ring 01423 780234 or email darleypreschool@mail.com

Dacre Banks Pre-School Playgroup runs in line with the school year, which means that we break for the usual school holidays.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a safe, caring and friendly environment for your child and his/her carers.
  • To give your child the opportunity to experience and experiment with a wide range of materials.
  • To help your child become confident and independent.
  • To develop in your child an interest in books.
  • To prepare your child for entry into mainstream school.
  • To help your child become confident with others and be able to communicate in a group.
  • To open opportunities for the use of language skills and to give your child the opportunity to express him/herself.
  • To offer the opportunity for free creativity.
  • To offer opportunities for all children, regardless of race, culture, religion, disability, means or gender.
  • To treat each child as an individual with his/her own personality.
  • To enhance through play, the development and education of your child, in all areas, physical, intellectual, emotional and social.